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Expert Testimonial

“A client of mine for over 2 years has always suffered with ingrown hairs. Typically 5+ at a time. We tried everything imaginable. She got a LUV SCRUB and the next month I’m not even kidding when I say she had perfect skin. There was one mark of hyper-pigmentation from an old ingrown, but her skin was smooth as can be. Couldn’t be happier for these clients finally loving their skin.”

Schyler Lewis L.E. - The Landing Strip


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Help your clients by offering LUV SCRUB to reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs, hyperpigmentation and much more



It will be beneficial for your client to exfoliate 1-2 days before their wax session with LUV SCRUB. It preps the follicle by loosening it for hair removal and ensures that skin is not overly sensitive for the treatment.


When LUV SCRUB is used after a session it helps prevent in-grown hairs by lifting away from the skin and prevents it from curling back in. In addition, it helps remove dead skin, oil and dirt that may clog pores and further trap hair beneath the skin.

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It is multifunctional and long-lasting (replace every 18 months). Not only is LUV SCRUB used every day in place of a loofah or wash cloth, it also is recommended for:

-Spray tan prep/removal

-Body Acne


-Laser Hair Removal

-Keratosis Polaris

And most importantly, superior exfoliation that leaves skin beautiful and smooth