LUV SCRUB Comparison Chart

  • The highly effective texture SMOOTHS and CLEANS the skin like no other

  • It is long enough to scrub your back. No assistance needed #independence

  • Witness for yourself dead skin leaving your body. You will FEEL the difference!

  • After each use, moisturizers and oils soak immediately into your skin

  • Replace every 18 months not like the other tools that must be changed monthly

  • Cruelty Free and never tested on animals... Ever!

  • It is 100% nylon, so it does not breed bacteria like other bath tools

  • One tool cleans the whole body. No reason to purchase additional tools

  • Dries faster than other bath tools, so it is great to travel with

  • It's affordable LUXURY

  • Lather for days. Every single time

  • Throw your loofah away. No seriously

Order one and see for yourself

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***LUV SCRUB is only sold on and select approved retailers in the US***