" Just dropping a line to sing the praises of your product.  I saw this in a hair forum and decided to try it, as I was a Salux fan.  Well, the Salux went into the trash, and I immediately purchased a second in the aqua color, as the blue one had become my new bae. After using your LUV SCRUB, I realized the "highly publicized Salux" towel was coarse, granted and true, but just that. It did nothing to remove dead/dry skin for me. How did I know this? The towel test.  I noticed after a shower, my white towels had dead skin cells that I thought I scrubbed off with that nylon sheet. I would even jump back in the shower to scrub again! Seems I was simply "buffing and upsetting" the skin cells, not removing them from my flaky legs.  Drying off now leaves my towels as they come out of the wash!  I love the texture and its effectiveness. Best. Bath. Necessity. Ever. "
Sonya H.  Clarksville, VA

" Lazy girl LUVs this SCRUB....  I love love love beauty and bath theory. I had a million different body products sitting partially used in my bathroom because I am way way way too lazy to make the effort needed every day to lather and scrub AND exfoliate. This scrub does all three of those things in one. I get my bubbles, my skin gets clean AND exfoliated all in one step. I also used to try all those different body scrubs and washes to try to get rid of the keratosis pilaris (you know those ugly little bumps on the back of your arms and thighs) that I've had all my life, to no avail. Then I started using the LUV SCRUB. The bumps are gone, my skin is so soft and I still get to be super lazy! Best bath product ever! "  
Jess S.  Natick, Ma

" I have been using this special bath tool since infancy and my family has been using it for generations.  Nothing compares to this cloth as it leaves your skin not only clean but incredibly soft.  I have tried using other cleansing cloths and have been extremely disappointed.  No other cloth can even remotely compare to this special bath tool.  I guarantee that once you this cloth you can never use anything else again. "  
Barbara O.  Baltimore, MD

“ Ever since I've used LUV SCRUB it has been a house hold staple!  It has been great for my skin. I no longer use wash cloths which tend to hold bacteria and dry out my skin. The LUV SCRUB exfoliates my skin allowing for cleaner softer appearance. I'm in love with LUV SCRUB!  ”  
Geri C.  Brooklyn, NY

" I have been using this cloth for quite a while now and it is still going strong. I love that this is a cloth vs. the typical bath scrubby. It's long length lets you easily wash your back and also it dries quickly which means less bacteria. LUV the LUV SCRUB! "  
Julia D.  Boston, Ma

“ LUV SCRUB is amazing!  I have tried many different exfoliants and none of them have made my skin as soft as the LUV SCRUB.  I love how I can have that soft smooth skin feeling without having to do anything extra like applying lotion after.  Just wash and go! I truly cant live without my LUV SCRUB!  ”  
Kristy B.  Boston, Ma

“ I have always been a sugar scrub type of girl, but I was not always satisfy with the results.  My skin still felt dry and looked dull.   Then I discovered LUV SCRUB in a salon in Boston. I have been using it for over a year now and my skin feels 100x brighter and smoother. I have to say its one of the greatest investment and one beauty product you don't want to be without! “  
Mariama W.  San Francisco, Ca

“ I love how LUV SCRUB left my skin feeling, I'm hooked! ”  
Jessica R. Worcester, Ma