Waxing + Sugaring Services

LUV SCRUB completes your pre and post waxing routine and keeps your skin down there flawless.

See why it is the #1 Best Seller in Waxing Salons


Pre Wax

The innovative texture helps prepare hair follicle so hair is removed with ease.

Post Wax

Exfoliates and softens skin like no other keeping stubborn ingrown hairs away #nomoreingrowns

LUV SCRUB saves you $$$.

No need to go out and purchase additional tools for your pre and post waxing routine. This tool can be used everyday to clean your whole body. Just replace every 18 months!

Waxing Expert Testimonial

“A client of mine for over 2 years has always suffered with ingrown hairs. Typically 5+ at a time. We tried everything imaginable. She got a LUV SCRUB and the next month I’m not even kidding when I say she had perfect skin. There was one mark of hyper-pigmentation from an old ingrown, but her skin was smooth as can be. She ended up buying 3 more to give to her fiancé and 2 friends who are all LUVING theirs. Couldn’t be happier for these clients finally loving their skin.”

Schyler Lewis - The Landing Strip


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