Founder | CEO | Smooth Operator

LUV SCRUB has been used in West Africa for generations. My Mother introduced it to me when I was about 5. She said “here”. It is just what you use growing up. You don’t ask questions. Growing up I noticed that my friends were using other tools. I never understood why...

My best friend borrowed mine back in 2001 with out permission, lol. Next thing she was begging my parents to bring her one on their next trip to Ghana. My parents happily brought her one.

Not only was she using it, her husband and her sister were using it too! It never clicked back then that it could be a business. That all changed in 2011 when new friends complimented me on my skin. I mentioned what I used and they suggested turning it into a business. With my background in Retail Merchandising and Branding I knew this
was the right thing to do. Immediately it was received by everyone. People LOVE it. It answered everyones prayers.

I’m amazed everyday of what things this mesh can do. I hear 2 things daily: “I LOVE my LUV SCRUB!” or ”Baby Soft”. It lets me know that I gave it the right name.

  xoxo Caroline



Favorite Ghanaian Dish :  
-Jollof Rice, black eye pea sauce, fried plantain and shitto (Ghanaian hot pepper sauce).  My Mom makes it the best.  

What is your ideal vacation :  
- Exotic island, no wifi, unlimited food and drinks :)

Favorite way to start the day :
- I love to wake up early and work out.  It has been my routine since I was 15 years old.  It helps me feel so refreshed and it also keeps me in shape.

What is your sign?
- I am a true Aries.  Governed by fire and extremely passionate about everything I do. 

 What do you do when you are not at LUV SCRUB headquarters?  
- I love to explore the city.  I've been living in NYC for 14 years and I still have so much more to see.  

What is your favorite way to pass time?
- I find myself daydreaming a lot.  I have a lot of great ideas and dream about how and when I will execute.  I love building brands.  Stay tuned to what is next!!!
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