" After using LUV SCRUB once I was sold!  My skin was silky smooth, and looked instantly brighter.  After a week using it once a day I noticed the breakouts on my back from working out started to clear up. (Being able to reach your back is so important!).  As a Skin Care Esthetician the health of my skin is very important.  The fact that the LUV SCRUB does not collect bacteria and its gentle enough even for a child's skin is amazing.  The fact that it last up to 18months is even better!  You get such a rich lather so you really feel clean.  It dries out super quickly, and doesn't unravel like cheap poufs and loofahs.  This is absolutely a product I would recommend to my Friends and Clients! "  

Molly Lamb Paramedical Skin Technician | Owner at Skin by Molly Facial Studio Brooklyn, NY

" One of the biggest beauty faux pas I see today is women not giving the skin on their bodies the same attention they give the skin on their face. I see a lot of embarrassing dirt build up on the skin of my clients while performing body treatments specifically in hard to reach places like the center of their backs. Unfortunately, a little  rub-a-dub-dub with awash cloth is not enough to remove months of dirt from the skin and most folks struggle to reach that area on their bodies anyway. ....ENTER LUV SCRUB! LUV SCRUB's reach and design help take the body cleansing game ALL THE WAY UP! It is a great answer to that question "is my back clean?" I love it! FEEL the SCRUB and enjoy !  XOXO "

Regina Tucker Founder | BeautifullyYours Metro for BAD ASS Beauty Bosses and Esthetician to DC's Politicos and Trendsetters

" As an Esthetician I am particular about what I use on my skin and what I recommend to my clients. The LUV SCRUB is gentle on the skin but very effective! The size is great too for those hard to reach places like the back. "

Jill Ferrigan Medical Esthetician | Bella Sante Boston, MA

“ Changed my shower experience! I was so excited to use it ,I tried it pre-shower and it works just as great as a dry brushing for circulation & exfoliation . Dry use is the equivalent to polishing your skin.Then jumped in the shower to have the sudsiest most luxurious lathery shower ever.  Moisturizer and coconut oil absorb so much easier on skin that is smooth and clean.  My knees and elbows are so much softer . Bye bye rhino skin . Skin everywhere feels like silken velvet.  My son has been using it in the bath and has seen considerable changes on his arms, he had the beginnings of Pilaris keratosis and it has vanished.  When they say Scrub yourself sexy they mean it! ”

Elizabeth Ehrhardt Esthetician | Equinox Brooklyn, NY