Frequently Asked Questions


Where else can I purchase LUV SCRUB?

***Buyer Beware***

LUV SCRUB is only sold on and select approved retailers in the US.

Please email us at for a retailer near you


You can now purchase from our approved retailer  Malachite + Elephant


Can I use everyday?

Absolutely!  The LUV SCRUB is recommended for every day use

The more you use, the more you will notice your skin get softer and smoother


How do I hold it?

After you apply your soap or shower gel watch lather form

Ball it up to wash your body and open up to wash your back


Why is it long?  My loofah and wash cloth have always been so small...

In West Africa we love a long scrub to reach the back with ease!  No additional tools needed 

With time your LUV SCRUB will continue to grow lengthwise

It may get to a point where it will completely stretch out

Don't worry you can still scrub your back with it

It will just be a lot longer than when you originally purchased it


How often should you replace your LUV SCRUB?

We recommend that you replace your LUV SCRUB every 18 months

This is due to knotted texture loosening which will change the exfoliating effectiveness  

Please note a brand new LUV SCRUB will look totally different than the one you have been using

Once you start using it you will notice certain characteristics (see below) 


What should I expect to happen to my LUV SCRUB with use?

LUV SCRUB is made out of a very unique material that is hand cut.  

You may notice following with time:  fraying, knots shedding on edge, color fading and stretching

This is all completely normal  

It will not take away from the effectiveness of the cloth


How do I clean?

We recommend rinsing with hot water and letting air dry

Be sure to hang in a ventilated area to avoid mildew


I have a skin condition can I still use?

The LUV SCRUB is not recommended for those with skin conditions and/or sensitive skin

Also do not use on areas with cuts and abrasions


What is the difference in colors?

LUV SCRUB is available in 2 of the most beautiful shades of blue:

 Turq which is a rich turquoise and Azul which a deep blue 


Can I travel with it?

Absolutely!  Just be sure to pack when it is dry to avoid mildew


When will my order ship out?

Your order will ship 3-5 business days after you place your order

You will receive notification once it ships

*** For international shipping, please allow 10-14 business days  

Please note that hold ups in Customs can prolong the delivery.  ***


What is your Return Policy?

We hope you love the LUV SCRUB as much as we do!  Due to hygienic reasons we unfortunately cannot take returns.  Your satisfaction is very important to us and we want to make it right.  If you are not satisfied with your purchase please contact us at hello@the  


If you have any additional questions please contact us at